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XRP Is 10 Times Safer Than Fiat for Intl Payments – Ripple

According to Ripple, XRP is 1/10th as volatile as fiat for cross-border payments. The current SWIFT system is so slow it exacerbates international payment risk. XRP payments clear so fast that the exchange rate risk is negligible. The math busters over at Ripple have crunched the numbers and conducted a study that concludes that XRP is 10 times safer for making international payments – or as Team Ripple explains, one-tenth as volatile as fiat for cross-border transactions. Ripple’s head of Global Institutional Markets, Breanne Madigan, took to Twitter on Thursday…

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Ethereum Will ‘Mega Moon’ Against Bitcoin, Predicts Trader

Ethereum continues to languish against bitcoin. Here’s what it needs to break the downward spiral. | Source: Shutterstock To say that Ethereum is weakening against the king of cryptocurrencies would be a huge understatement. The ETH/BTC pair is down by nearly 50% year-to-date as it languishes in bear territory for 17 months and counting. The sentiment is so overwhelmingly bearish that some traders are happy to short the crypto pair. $ETH / $BTC 4Hethbtc short setup — Suprematic Wassie (ex_hermit) (@GothBtcSinner) September 10, 2019 Nevertheless, big accounts in the…

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Why Binance Coin Is Headlining the Crypto Market Resurgence – CCN Markets

Binance Coin has surged twice as fast as any other cryptocurrency over the past year, including bitcoin. Here’s why BNB is leading the pack. | Source: REUTERS / Darrin Zammit Lupi Binance Coin suffered one of its worst losses this year on May 7th after hackers took off with 7,000 bitcoins. The heist cost cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance a total of $40 million. Four months later, it appears that everyone has forgotten about the security breach. Binance is just as popular as ever, and its proprietary crypto token rallied to…

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Binance CEO Gets Dragged by Bitcoin Fans for ‘Dumbest Crypto Tweet’

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao got dragged on Twitter and was nominated for the “Dumbest Crypto Tweet Award” for shilling Binance Coin.| Source: Reuters By CCN Markets: Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao got dragged on Twitter and was nominated for the Dumbest Crypto Tweet Award after he shared a story touting the popularity of Binance Coin, his company’s native token. Many of Zhao’s followers expressed skepticism when he recounted an “interesting interaction” he had with a 14-year-old boy. CZ claimed the boy refused to discuss numbers in U.S. dollars and instead “insisted…

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Why Zcash Suddenly Became the Crypto Market’s Black Sheep

Privacy coin Zcash has fallen by nealry 15 percent this week, marking the second-largest decline among the leading 30 crypto tokens. | Source: Shutterstock By CCN Markets: The privacy-focused cryptocurrency Zcash has fallen by nearly 15 percent this week as Bitcoin’s dominance approaches 70 percent. According to CoinMarketCap, Zcash was trading at slightly over $66 seven days ago but is now just under $56, a decline of approximately 15 percent that forced its market cap below $400 million. Zcash has declined by nearly 15% in the last seven days |…

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‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver Epically Trolls Lightning Shills

“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver epically trolled Lightning Network supporters on Twitter while pumping his new pet project: Bitcoin Cash. | Source: (i), Shutterstock (ii). Image Edited by CCN. “Lightning fast” may eventually be a trademarked term for some crypto payments company or another, but “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver used the phrase to hard-troll fans of the Lightning Network. Guerilla Marketing by Bitcoin’s Favorite Jesus Turned Judas Saying “Bitcoin Cash is lightning fast” and posting a video where a transaction is “completed” within 15 seconds, Ver undoubtedly knew that he…

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Shark Tank Celebrity Claims Facebook’s Libra Will Pummel Bitcoin to ‘Zero’

Investor and Shark Tank shark Kevin ‘Mr. Wonderful’ O’Leary has dismissed concerns raised against Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra. Speaking on CNBC, the avowed Bitcoin skeptic stated that Libra has the capacity to become accepted and consequently useful with effective regulation. Stemming from this O’Leary is bullish on the social media giant’s future prospects. On the other hand, Bitcoin will die once a regulated cryptocurrency such as Libra comes along, per the Shark Tank star: It’s [Bitcoin] going to go to zero one day when somebody brings a regulated product, which is…

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Litecoin Price Crash Near Halving Could Precede All-Time Highs

Just as the Litecoin halving is less than a month away, the number four cryptocurrency is starting to show signs of weakness. After posting a 2019 high of $146 on June 22nd, Litecoin has plunged to a low of $84.88 on July 15th. That’s a drop of over 41 percent in less than a month. If you think the worst is over, think again. A popular Elliottician on Twitter named Benjamin Blunts shared his forecast on Litecoin’s future price action. His prediction comes in the form of a sandwich where…

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Dogecoin Popularity Earns Binance Listing as Price Skyrockets 37%

Everyone’s favourite internet pup Doge and it’s cryptocurrency counterpart Dogecoin (DOGE) is finally going to be listed on Binance. After making meme lovers and crypto enthusiasts wait for years, Binance finally made the announcement earlier today, confirming the addition of DOGE trading pairs. #Binance Will Dogecoin ( $DOGE) — Binance (@binance) July 5, 2019 Binance is set to list five trading pairs for DOGE. These include Binance Coin (DOGE/BNB), Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Paxos Standard (DOGE/PAX) and USD Coin (DOGE/USDC). The exchange will open up deposits and withdrawals to…

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Failed Crypto Projects Get Final Resting Place In Altcoins Graveyard

By CCN Markets: Failed cryptocurrencies can enjoy an eternal resting place after they’re sent off to an altcoins graveyard called ShitcoinGraveyard. The website is the brainchild of four Berlin-based crypto entrepreneurs and bitcoin bulls: Roman Kemper, CEO and chief gravedigger. Marten Rauschenberg, DAO mastermind. Yannick Eckl, marketing director. Christoph Klischa, chief financial officer. Kemper told CCN that his team was inspired to launch ShitcoinGraveyard amid the 2018 ICO market implosion. During that time, crypto investors lost millions of dollars in numerous ICO scams. From left to right: Yannick Eckl, Marten…

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