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ABC Dev Won’t Rule out Changing Bitcoin Cash PoW Algo

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn The Bitcoin Cash civil war is just days away from culminating in a contentious blockchain split, and the lead developer of the faction with the minority hashrate has advised that the development community should “get a patch ready” in case they need to pursue an emergency hard fork to change the cryptocurrency’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm. Bitcoin ABC Dev. Open to ‘Nuclear Option’ Writing on Twitter, Bitcoin ABC lead developer and self-described Bitcoin Cash “benevolent dictator” Amaury Séchet said that activating an emergency fork to alter the Bitcoin…

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Bitcoin Cash Firm Launches Mining Pool to Attack Alts & BCH Forks

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn A prominent bitcoin cash startup has launched a mining pool designed to attack altcoins and BCH forks that it does not believe fulfill Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for the cryptocurrency. SharkPool: Supporting Bitcoin Cash by Attacking other Networks Dubbed “SharkPool,” the service aims to conduct a two-pronged attack on other cryptocurrency networks, exclusively mining empty blocks and then selling the profits for bitcoin cash (BCH). In the announcement, the group said that it believes all cryptocurrencies except for its preferred version of bitcoin cash are “acts of…

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