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Crypto Exchanges in South Korea Scrambling to Survive as Bear Market Hits Hard

According to a local publication Blockinpress, crypto exchanges in South Korea are struggling to adjust to changing market conditions and the 14-month-long correction. Since January 2018, the global crypto exchange market has seen a rapid decline in volume. With the exception of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the majority of both major digital assets and tokens have seen a 50 to 90 percent decline in daily volume. Source: Local Crypto Exchanges Considering Laying Off Employees The report revealed that the country’s largest exchanges in the likes of Bithumb and Korbit are…

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Why South Korea Will Play a Major Role in Cryptocurrency Adoption

As a high-tech hub known for its consumer electronics, tech giants, esports, and global innovation, perhaps it’s not surprising that a report by Cindicator revealed that South Korea will play a major role in cryptocurrency adoption. By reviewing existing data on exchange volumes, recent economic history, regulation, and trends, the tokenized fintech asset management company came to some interesting conclusions. Based on existing evidence, the country of 50 million inhabitants and one of the world’s top 15 economies is poised to play a major role in embracing cryptocurrencies. This is…

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Investors are Optimistic in Acquisition of Korea’s Largest Crypto Exchange

On October 12, CCN reported that BK Global Consortium, the parent company of Singapore-based BK Medical Group, has acquired a 50 percent stake in Bithumb, South Korea’s largest crypto exchange. Kim Byung-gun, a prominent plastic surgeon and blockchain investor, finalized the deal between BK Global Consortium and Bithumb, officially acquiring the leading cryptocurrency trading platform at a valuation of $350 million. Investors Highly Optimistic in the Deal For many years, despite three high profile security breaches that have led to the loss of tens of millions of dollars in user…

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Korea’s 2nd Biggest Crypto Exchange Bithumb is Also Launching a DEX

Perhaps inspired by the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance to launch a decentralized exchange (DEX) by 2019, Bithumb, a major digital asset trading platform in South Korea, has announced its plans to operate a DEX in the months to come. Bithumb DEX, which is expected to target the global cryptocurrency market, will be launched under an overseas subsidiary of the exchange outside of South Korea. The DEX is currently being developed with the assistance of One Root Network (RNT), which already has deployed a decentralized exchange in early 2018. A…

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How the Recent $60m Crypto Hacking Attack Will Impact Japanese Market

Zaif, a major crypto exchange in Japan, was hacked this week, losing nearly $60 million in user funds in a high profile security breach. Local publications including Japan Times reported that 6.7 billion yen was stolen by an unknown group of hackers, 2.2 billion yen in corporate funds and 4.5 billion yen in user funds were lost during the breach. Tech Bureau, the company behind Zaif, told its customers that all of the investors affected by the hacking attack will be reimbursed in cryptocurrencies. Due to the scale of the…

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Market Recovers After Drop, WaltonChain Surges 30%

In the past 24 hours, the Bitcoin price has recovered from $6,800 to $7,000, as buy pressure in the higher region of $6,000 prevented a further fall to mid-$6,000. As bitcoin price rebounded and averted a large drop to $6,500, most tokens and small market cap cryptocurrencies recovered, pushing the valuation of the cryptocurrency market to $227 billion. WaltonChain Spikes 30% Internet of Things (IoT) blockchain network WaltonChain experienced a major spike in value primarily due to the listing of WTC by Bithumb, the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in South…

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South Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb Re-opens Deposits & Withdrawals

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb will resume deposit and withdrawal services on Saturday at 11 am KST. The exchange had suspended all deposits and withdrawal services on its platform following the June hack on a hot wallet, which led to the loss of tokens valued at over $30 million. Hacked Crypto Exchange Bithumb Unfreezes Withdrawals The exchange made the announcement earlier today via a tweet on its official Twitter handle. [Re-open deposit and withdrawal services]■ Timeline for the first round deposit and withdrawal services : 4 Aug, 2018 11 AM[KST]…

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Most Complex dApp on Ethereum Already Has Millions of Dollars at Stake

Augur, which its co-founder Joey Krug previously described as the most complex decentralized application (dApp) on the Ethereum blockchain, has surpassed a million dollars at stake and demonstrated a rapid growth rate over the past few weeks. Future of Decentralized Betting In essence, Augur is a decentralized betting platform that exists on the Ethereum network. Because it utilizes smart contracts to autonomously settle bets and payout users, users can practically bet on any subject, topic, or an event. Since its launch in mid-July, the decentralized prediction platform has demonstrated a…

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Crypto Exchanges in South Korea Meet New Requirements, New Money to Come

The South Korea Blockchain Association has approved 12 crypto exchanges including Bithumb and UPbit over the past week, of having adequate security measures and internal management systems in place. Various local publications reported that Bithumb, UPbit, Gopax, OKCoin Korea, Korbit, Coineone, CoinZest, CPDAXX, HanbitKor, Huobi Korea, and NeoFrame, and DexKor were approved by the South Korea Blockchain Association, an institution that oversees the cryptocurrency industry and the blockchain sector. Following the announcement of the South Korea Blockchain Association, local publications have reported that a new wave of capital is expected…

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Bithumb Hack ‘Doesn’t Change the Fundamentals of Bitcoin’: Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, went on CNBC’s Fast Money program on Wednesday to discuss the recent hacking of South Korea’s cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, among other developments in the crypto sphere. Speaking via telephone, the founder of the world’s fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap pointed out that while it is normal for cryptocurrency investors to panic when an exchange gets hacked, such an act does not change the fundamentals of crypto assets. “Whenever there’s an exchange hack, people get scared and the price drops. It happens all the time. The…

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