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Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP Prepare for Volatility; Bullish or Bearish?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are consolidating within a narrow trading range. Bitcoin may have resumed its macro-uptrend, said a renowned technical analyst. XRP prepares for a major event that could trigger an increase in demand. Last week, the total crypto market capitalization surged over 40% to reach a high of $267 billion. During this time, approximately $77 billion was injected into the market. Bitcoin jumped over 42% while Ethereum and XRP rose nearly 30%. Despite the bullish impulse, these cryptocurrencies entered a consolidation phase and could be on the verge of…

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Ethereum Will ‘Mega Moon’ Against Bitcoin, Predicts Trader

Ethereum continues to languish against bitcoin. Here’s what it needs to break the downward spiral. | Source: Shutterstock To say that Ethereum is weakening against the king of cryptocurrencies would be a huge understatement. The ETH/BTC pair is down by nearly 50% year-to-date as it languishes in bear territory for 17 months and counting. The sentiment is so overwhelmingly bearish that some traders are happy to short the crypto pair. $ETH / $BTC 4Hethbtc short setup — Suprematic Wassie (ex_hermit) (@GothBtcSinner) September 10, 2019 Nevertheless, big accounts in the…

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3 Solid Reasons Why Ethereum Looks Stronger Than Ever – CCN Markets

Ethereum has the most active developers, leads all other platforms in the number of DApps, and will introduce sharding early next year. | Source: Shutterstock Critics have been trying to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt on the No. 2 cryptocurrency in light of its scaling issues. It’s true that Ethereum is struggling with congestion as network utilization is above 94 percent. As a result, it becomes costly to run applications. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency’s biggest problem appears to be its source of strength. The network is congested because there are so…

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Austria Post Launches ‘Crypto Stamp’ Collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain

Published: 18/06/2019 09:20 EST. Journalist: By CCN Markets: Stamp collecting just entered the 21st century, as the Austrian Post Office unveiled its limited edition ‘crypto stamp’ collectibles, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Send Your Stamp, Keep A Collectible Crypto Stamp A limited 150,000 unit run of five different stamps – black, red, blue, yellow, black – allows the owner to use a physical stamp, but then save its image in their wallet. According to a Reddit user, the distribution is as follows: 1,500 red stamps; yellow, 10,000; blue, 20,000; green,…

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Ethereum to Skyrocket by 70 Percent Against Bitcoin, Predicts Analyst

By CCN Markets: On May 21, a pseudonymous cryptocurrency technical analyst named “Rampage” posted on Twitter that ETH/BTC is about ready to catch up to ETH/USD. In a tweet, the attached an image in which the price action of two markets is overlaid in a single chart. The analyst predicts that Ethereum will move higher against bitcoin and follow the price action of its USD counterpart: We’re covering this particular tweet because of a compelling technical analysis on why Ethereum is bullish against bitcoin. Within the same tweet, the person…

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Crypto Goal! Major Euro Football Club Now Accepts Bitcoin & Ethereum

By CCN: The beautiful game just got much prettier after European football giant Benfica announced they’d be accepting bitcoin and Ethereum payments. Now, fans of the Portuguese Primera Liga champions can pay for match tickets and club merchandise using cryptocurrency. — SL Benfica (@slbenfica_en) June 5, 2019 Euro Elite Benfica Accept Bitcoin and Ethereum This isn’t the first time the footballing elite has flirted with cryptocurrency, but it is the first time its been accepted as regular payment. In the recent past, Italian champions Juventus played around with…

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Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Slams Bitcoin SV: ‘Obviously a Complete Scam’

By CCN: Ethereum wunderkind Vitalik Buterin maintained his hardline stance on Bitcoin SV in a recent interview, calling Craig Wright’s cryptocurrency a “complete scam.” Speaking with YouTuber Hardcore Crypto, Buterin left little room for interpretation regarding his thoughts on BSV. The Ethereum co-founder also gave his thoughts on decentralized exchanges and the worryingly centralized accumulation of power by Binance. Ethereum Co-Founder: Bitcoin SV is a ‘Complete Scam’ Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin ripped Bitcoin SV a new one. | Source: TechCrunch/Flickr (i), CoinGeek/YouTube (ii). Image Edited by CCN. Just in case…

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Researcher Nears Launch of Ava, a Crypto & Potential Ethereum Killer

By CCN: The crypto ecosystem often explores which blockchain will emerge as the ‘Ethereum killer.’ So far, no network has been able to muscle the second-biggest blockchain off its perch, but now there’s a new kid in town – Ava, and it has Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Visa in its sights. Ava is a new cryptocurrency that uses a consensus protocol known as Avalanche, whose creators similar to Bitcoin are anonymous only they go by Team Rocket. Avalanche is designed to combine the “best of both worlds” from the Nakamoto Consensus…

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3 Altcoins with Bullish Potential Like Parabolic Bitcoin

By CCN: It has been almost a year and a half since bears took over crypto markets. Bitcoin took a massive beating as it shed 84% of its value. Other large-cap coins shared more brutal fates. Ethereum, Litecoin, and EOS were all devalued by more than 90%. Last year was full of trials and tribulations for retail investors. Thankfully, the ordeal is finally over. With bitcoin’s unbelievable run over the last few days, altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and EOS have responded with massive technical breakouts. This prompted us to…

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Corda is More Like Bitcoin Than Ethereum

By CCN: “Corda is more like Bitcoin,” says Mike Hearn, lead engineer for Corda, the open source blockchain of the industry consortium R3. “It owes more of its intellectual history to bitcoin than Ethereum in a way. Its’ data model is similar to Bitcoin, which enables you to have privacy because you don’t see transactions on your critical path.” Early Bitcoin adopters knew the risk they were taking, he says, despite infamously stating bitcoin had failed in early 2016 upon leaving as a core developer. “They had money on their…

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