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U.S. Stocks Target Gloomy Open as China Slams Trump’s ‘Unreasonable Restrictions’

The U.S. stock market is anticipated to open with a worsened sentiment as Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that U.S. and China have come to a “crossroads” again, weakening the foothold of stocks. Wang said: “While China opens wider to the U.S. and the rest of the world, we expect the U.S. to do the same to China and remove all unreasonable restrictions. In a word, China’s efforts and achievements of reform and opening up in the past several decades have been widely recognized. They should…

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Key Economic Indicators Due This Week a Gauge of Consumer Strength

The stock market is on the brink of setting new records and the consumer, which has been propping up the U.S. economy, has the power to make or break that momentum. A couple of key economic indicators that are set to be released this week happen to be a gauge on the strength of the consumer. The results should provide some clarity as to whether the economy and corporate America will continue to grow, data that the stock market and Fed officials are no doubt watching closely. Despite the stock…

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Prominent Investor Sees Big Breakout For S&P, Says Bears Lost Control

Amidst a slight pullback in the U.S. stock market, Ed Yardeni, president of Yardeni Research, said that the S&P 500 is expected to see a big breakout heading into 2020, predicting an increase to 3,500 points. The S&P 500 slightly dipped on Friday as the U.S. stock market experienced a swift sell-off. | Chart: Yahoo Finance Currently, the S&P 500 stands at 2,992 points after a sell-off on Friday and a rally to 3,500 points would indicate a 17% increase. Why Yardeni sees swift recovery for S&P 500 and the…

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3 Reasons the Stock Market Could Avoid Record Highs Next Week –

Stock markets are on an 8-day gain streak near record highs but there may be hurdles ahead. | Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew, File The U.S. stock market has demonstrated strong momentum as of late with the Dow Jones nearing its record high with a 37-point rise to 27,219 points amidst growing trade deal optimism. The Dow Jones is up by more than 500 points as the U.S. stock market shows recovery (source: Yahoo Finance) While strategists generally remain bullish on the short to medium-term trend of the U.S. equities market…

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Stock Market Futures Surge as Trump Gets Positive on China

Trump’s tweets on China may set the stage for a strong rally in the stock market this week as S&P 500 futures open higher. | Source: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst By CCN Markets: In response to the struggling stock market, Donald Trump’s Twitter feed was awash with positive talk about the trade war and progress with China on Sunday. A more upbeat Trump could be precisely what the doctor ordered for bruised markets, putting the wind at the S&P 500’s back next week. U.S. stock futures opened higher Sunday evening, suggesting a…

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Don’t Be Fooled. This Dow Jones Bounce Is Nothing but a Head Fake

Donald Trump’s easing of tariffs sent the Dow Jones higher on Tuesday, but don’t be fooled. A crash is coming. | Source: Drew Angerer / Getty Images / AFP By CCN Markets: News that Donald Trump would delay the imposition of tariffs on some Chinese goods sent the Dow Jones rocketing today. Beware, though, because it’s a head fake before the inevitable crash. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 372 points to 26,280, an increase of 1.44 percent on Tuesday. That’s because Donald Trump and the Treasury Department announced that additional tariffs…

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JPMorgan’s Advice for Navigating Wild Stock Market Swings: BTFD

Two top JPMorgan analysts are encouraging investors to buy the dip whenever the stock market tumbles, saying any Dow plunges are temporary. | Source: REUTERS / Lucas Jackson Two top JPMorgan analysts are encouraging investors to keep calm during any forthcoming stock market downturns and to buy when the Dow Jones tumbles. Why? Because they say the dips are temporary and the stock market will eventually recover any of its lost gains. JPMorgan: Stock market will regain previous highs JPMorgan quant guru Marko Kolanovic and chief U.S. equity strategist, Dubravko…

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This One Image Proves Today’s Stock Market Plunge is No Apocalypse

It’s a massacre but it isn’t all bad. | Source:. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/File Photo It can be a scary thing to see the Dow Jones down more than 900 points, the NASDAQ down 300 points, and the S&P 500 down almost 100 points. That means the stock market, in general, lost about 3 percent of its value today. Yet the stock market is now down just about 6 percent from its all-time high. From what the stock market commentary is like, however, you’d think today’s action was the prelude to Armageddon.…

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Stock Market’s Stuck, Revisits 2018 Levels from When Trade War Began

The Trump stock market has stagnated. The Dow Jones and S&P 500 are revisiting levels from before the president’s first tariffs in 2018. | Source: Shutterstock With both the Dow Jones and S&P 500 hitting record highs recently, you would be forgiven for thinking that Donald Trump’s stock market has been a runaway success. However, the recent trade war turmoil has shed light on an extraordinary fact: the Dow and S&P have gone nowhere since the tariffs began in 2018. The stock market is now back at the same level it…

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Guns, Tariffs, Disney Earnings & Brexit

The S&P 500 faces a plethora of risks this week as domestic and international concerns pile up for the US stock market. | Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew The S&P 500 could face a rocky week ahead after another round of Trump trade war tweets over the weekend. However, investors have more than just the White House’s ongoing tariff shenanigans to worry about when the bell rings on Monday. The president’s response to a horrific run of mass shootings in California, Texas, and Ohio will also be in focus for stocks,…

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