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Soundeon Music Platform Signs a Strategic Partnership with V-ROX Music Festival

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 TALLINN, Estonia, June 26, 2018: Blockchain music platform Soundeon will collaborate with V-ROX Music Festival on developing new tools and systems for helping independent musicians to better navigate the global music market and earn autonomously.

The project is currently in the development stages with the prospect of being released in time for V-ROX (Vladivostok Rocks) Music Festival held annually in Vladivostok, Russia. A Russian version of SXSW organized by one of Russia’s most popular rock stars – Ilya Lagutenko.   

 “We have joined efforts with Soundeon to develop a new blockchain-based strategy that will make it possible for independent musicians to maximize their earning potential,” said Lagutenko. “In addition, we also hope to bring the attention of innovative and creative global investors to the V-Rox festival and the city of Vladivostok itself,” he added. 

Once a struggling musician himself, he understands the obstacles regular musicians continuously face. Starting his career in the Far East city of Vladivostock in the 1980s, a time and place he describes as not very “rock and roll,” Lagutenko had to navigate his way to the international music stage on his own. The struggle hasn’t ended, as he continuously has to overcome new challenges in order to maintain a complete creative and financial control of his work.

“For nearly three decades now, I’ve had to thread my own way through the complexities of the music business and find new directions for my band and other music ventures to take without relying on managers, producers or record labels,” Lagutenko says. “I think Soundeon’s blockchain platform offers effective solutions to the obstacles that independent artists face today and will allow them to have maximum control of their finances without the involvement of useless middlemen,” he added.

About Soundeon OÜ:

Soundeon is a pioneering, fan-centric, decentralized and vertically integrated music platform that covers all aspects of the music industry. From song creation and copyright to resale of both existing and future music royalties, to live event ticket sales. Utilizing the patent-pending Creative Smart Contract™, Soundeon promotes transparency, fairness and trust in the music industry. Soundeon is also the first blockchain-based platform to vertically integrate the recorded rights music and live event ticketing industries.

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